Audi R8 Competition

Audi R8 Competition

30 October 2014 THE MOST POWERFUL R8 SMELLS LIKE A SWAN SONG Now close to retirement, the first series R8 want to leave a mark and decides to do that with the most Read More
BMW M4 DTM Edition

BMW M4 DTM Edition

28 October 2014 THIS M4 CELEBRATES THE RECENT VICTORY OF THE CARMAKER CHAMPIONSHIP IN DTM It will be built in only 23 unitr and only available with this “Alpine White” color, with black Read More

6 Ruote di Speranza

27 October 2014 SUPERCARS & SOLIDARITY AT MONZA For 28 years, at the Autodromo of Monza, they held an event that is very special for many reasons. Not only because it is possible Read More


25 October 2014 END OF THE YEAR WITH A BANG It’s very simple. #onlythebest is everything you have always wanted to see, all in the same magazine! Of course, we already do that Read More

Supercars Club

24 October 2014 JOIN THE COMMUNITY If you drive a sports car, it’s time to join the SUPERCARS CLUB. Great events and interesting initiatives wait for you, not forgetting that you will have Read More

Your club on ACM

22 October 2014 BECOMES PART OF OUR GANG If you have a club or you’re part of one, the initiative that we promote is tailored for you. Lights on your club and become Read More

Jump at the wheel with us

22 October 2014 STOP DREAMING AND START THE ENGINE If you’ve always dreamed of jumping at the wheel of a real supercar or a racing car, now is the time to do it Read More

Your car featured on Auto Class Magazine

20 October 2014 WHAT ARE YOU WAITING TO BECOME DAMN COOL? If you think you have the most beautiful car in the neighborhood, do not waste time. Each month, our column “Your Cars” Read More

Novitec Aventador Roadster

17 October 2014 NOVITEC TORADO = TOP Getting your hands on a jewel like the Aventador (here in roadster version) can lead to two opposite results: a terrible flop ruining a masterpiece, or Read More
Ferrari F60 America

Ferrari F60 America

17 October 2014 ANY EXCUSE IS GOOD TO ASK 2 AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS FOR AN F12 WITH MORE MAKEUP This time they want to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ferrari in Read More